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We exploit various screening techniques
to generate new antibodies for educing "Genome Super Power",
hidden informations in the genome.


We have delivered a press release regarding “Anti-Cripto-1 antibody”.

Press Release: Joint development of antibody drug targeting cancer stem cells for the start of clinical trials
Distributor: Click here for the CDW Holding Limited website.

Antibody Library Press Release - 30 Nov


Obtained a patent for “Anti-human Cripto-1 antibody”.

2020.09.09 特許証:抗ヒトCripto-1抗体(表紙).png


Our website launch!

For Reseachers
高柳淳, GSPエンタープライズ, 抗ヒト, Cripto, 抗ヒトCripto-1抗体

For the future and leading edge of life science

We research and develop with modern installation on respect and inherit the intention of the late professor emeritus of Keio University, Nobuyoshi Shimizu.

We strongly aid your research going into unknown fields with our new antibodies. They will be gererated from the original phage-displayed antibody library surported by reliable screening methodology based on the antigen characteristics.

Atsushi Takayanagi, ph.D. CEO & CTO

Our Technology

GSP Enterprise, Inc., is a research institute following in the footsteps of the late Professor Emeritus Nobuyoshi Shimizu, a leading expert in genome research.

Prof. Shimizu was on the front line of global genome research, called the Human Genome Project, leading both the world and Japan. In 1999 he was able to decipher the whole human chromosome 22. This was one of the greatest achievements on the genome project. In the following year, he succeeded in deciphering the chromosome 21, and the chromosome 8 in 2003. Prof. Shimizu not only furthered genome analysis, but also discovered causative genes such as Parkinson's disease, autoimmune disease, hearing loss, glaucoma, etc. in addition to analyzing their function.

In 2007, Professor Shimizu retired from Keio University School of Medicine. His passion for research towards elucidating the genome super power (GSP) in the genome continued until just before his decease in 2015, at the age of 74.

Our company was established to support his research and researchers assisting his research. We will expand his work into the future.

慶應義塾大学, 名誉教授, 清水信義, ゲノム研究者
抗体ライブラリー, 一本鎖抗体, Fab型抗体, 研究開発
研究開発, がん, ウィルス, 抗原, 抗体開発
Our Technology

Our antibody library is scFv (single-chain Fv) antibody-displaying phage library. The repertoire of antibody gene is more than 13-14th power of 10. Construction of a new Fab antibody library with spectacularly improvement is in progress.

Recent Works

We develop antibodies against tumors, virus and others.

About Us
GSP, GSPエンタープライズ, 抗体ライブラリー, 各種抗体開発, スクリーニングサービス, 組換え抗体作製, 新機能抗体ライブラリー開発, 共同開発
Company Profile

Name:    GSP Enterprise, Inc.

Establishd:  Apr. 1, 2008

CEO&CTO:  Junya Imai

Advisor:   Yoshiko Shimizu

Address:  12F, Kintetsu Shin-Namba Bldg.,1-4-38,

        Minato-machi, Naniwa-ku, Osaka, 556-0017, Japan


1. Antibody development utilized the original antibody library

2. Contract of antibody screening

3. Production of recombinant antibodies

4. Development of new antibody libraries

5. Distribution of reagents for antibody screening

6. Collaborative developments

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