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CDW Holdings Limited, CDW, LCD backlight units, Frame products, Flexible printed circuits

CDW Holdings Limited

We are a member of the CDW group.

香港友池有限公司, TOMOIKE INDUSTRIAL(HK) LTD., OA機器部品, 液晶関連部品, 情報端末部品

Tomoike Industrial(HK) Ltd.

CDW group Hong Kong head office.

友池産業株式会社, OA機器部品, 液晶関連部品, バックライトユニット

Tomoike Industrial Ltd.

Tomoike Industrial Ltd is CDW group of Japan.

CDWライフサイエンス株式会社, 化粧品, 健康食品, 有機合成

CDW Life Science Limited.

It is a Japanese corporation that conducts research and development of cosmetics and health foods.

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